Problem web-brosesr and (kerio ?)


I have some problems with web-browers (firefox and ie)

Sometimes, when i click on a link, i have the message "this site is unreachable" If i click on back button, and click again on the link, the website appears... I don't know if it comes from kerio firewall (v.4)

I give you the rules that i have (related with browers):

Input/Outp Prot. Local Port Distant port Action I/O UDP all 53 accepted I/O ICPM all all accepted I/O UDP 68 67 accepted I TCP/UDP all accepted O (a) TCP all all accepted I/O (a) TCP/UDP all accepted I/O (b) TCP/UDP all all denied

The fourth first rules are from all software The (a) rules are for web-brosers (forefox and ie) The (b) rules are the last rules in the list (default rules)

Is my problem come from firewall, or do you think that it come for other thing ??

Thank you !

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Sounds like timing problems. Try to increase network.http.connect.timeout or network.http.request.timeout in about:config

Yours, VB.

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