PLEASE HELP! Spysweeper, LOL (virus?), computer stalled

I'm running Windows XP Home. Few frills, usually no trouble. Recently, my Spysweeper (Webroot) seemed to detect a problem, but despite repeated attempts, it couldn't seem to quarrantine whatever it was it'd found. Now, my computer is completely stalled. Despite several reboots, I can't seem to get it to do much, and Spysweeper particularly seems to be acting funny on these reboots. (I'm told that Spysweeper has been damaged and needs to be reinstalled, but when I click 'okay' nothing happens.)

I was able to pull up Task Manager once or twice and it shows a program named 'LOL' running. My question is whether this program is a virus, and if so, is it preventing Spysweeper from behaving normally? And anyway, why should this get in the way of the computer's normal operations?

Any suggestions for how to proceed? Thanks!


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Wrong n/g. Go to: alt.comp.anti-virus and/or alt.comp.virus

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