open source web proxy suggestions ?

HI all.

Okay, so I have a linux box connected to the internet (static ip). I want to be able to access my linux box from anywhere via http or https (using my browser) and see a page which asks me to enter a URL within a page.

so if i type

formatting link
within this page, it should login to hotmail etc..etc.. for me indirectly. just tryign to bypass some firewalls.

i want to know what open source software lets me do this for linux

thx vikky

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vikky, if you can log into ssh from the remote location you could use privoxy as your proxy and just set your web browser to use as the proxy.

You would ssh to your home like

ssh -L 8118:

That would port forward your proxy traffic to your remote box.

--------------------------------------- I do believe there is a socks proxy built into ssh as well you may want to check the man page.

--------------------------------------- I would also suggest installing a plugin such as foxyproxy, or switchproxy to quickly switch between the two (it will be necessary if you have to access any intranet sites.)

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thankyou !! that worked nicely

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