Nokie IP380 ftp of backup.tgz using Voyager interface

Hello all,

First of let me just say that I am a little new to the world of Nokia IPSOs. However I believe I have been quite thorough in trying to figure this one out before posting here.

Essentially I have created a backup *.tgz file by using the Voyger option for backups under 'system configuration'.

This has created a file in /var/backup

I then filled out the four details in order to ftp it from the Nokia itself to our file server. The details are the 'ftp site', 'ftp dir', 'ftp user' and 'ftp password'. From the drop down I select the backup file.

I then click apply to kick it all off. But the logs return:

Jul 28 12:15:44 fw0010 [LOG_ERR] transfer: put_URLFileCopy: State not identified Jul 28 12:15:44 fw0010 [LOG_ERR] transfer: Put failed, errcode 0

I have manually and successfully ftp'ed the file from the Nokia to the file server using the CLISH without any issues.

What is the Voyager interface doing?!

Thanks for your time.

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