No Kerio and No Sygate and then what?

At the moment I'm running Sygate Pro. But since it's been bought by Symantec, I have the strong feeling that I wont be running it for much longer because I don't want symantec bloat and bugs.

Then there was the possibility of Kerio but that's gone.

Any info on the (affordable) stingray hardware firewall?

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Thoughts and recommendations appreciated.

I'm running Nod 32, a Linksys NAT router and Sygate.

I run several antispyware programs at least once a week.



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Hi Louise, Have you thought about continuing to use Sygate Pro. I plan to do just that--it has served me well for 4-yrs and has created no problems. Stop and think about all of the features that Sygate offers. Rule parameters consist of applications, allow/block, hosts, IPs, macks, ports (remote/local), in/out/both, protocols (tcp/udp/icmp), etc.. Ask yourself what more is there to control/ whats lacking... Now much--of course there is no control of local host but thats not serious for most users. In Sygate Pro, tale a look at tools/options/security.. There are about

18 or 20 oustanding security features that are selectable. It would be quite a loss not having them. One important thing we would loose is signature updates for the intruder detection system. It appears these updates go into Sygate file trojan.dat. (this is not a txt file but can be viewed with a test editor) There is a listing of malware that Sygate blocks. Should you continue to use Sygate, make a copy of this file for use if you ever needed to reinstall Sygate. We can supplement the remaining signatures with our anti-virus/anti-trojan software and use a Hosts file such as MVPS host.
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luck Casey p.s. if you should ever find something better than Sygate or even as good, please let us know
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