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Hi, I have a D-link router on Virgin media cable (UK). Connected to this, my laptop on which runs PCguard on which I found the following log entry :

tcp Incoming 80 4754 21/12/2007 17:43:26

I've not got the router set up to send anything incoming to this laptop so why is there incomming traffic ?

When I I get :

Thanks in advance.


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Counter question: Why do you expect that there should be no incoming traffic?

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Sebastian G.

The incoming IP is on the NET, not the LAN and I've not got the router set to forward any traffic from the WAN to this computer.

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And why do you think that explicit forwarding is the only way the router may forward traffic?

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Sebastian G.

Because that is what the aliens beamed into my brain...

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At least you finally admin that you don't fully understand NAT.

Well, short to say, there're many reasons:

- triggered by a client from the inside

- related connections according to some heuristic rules

- related connections according to protocol parsing

- full forwarding on 1:1 mapping

- UPnP ...

However, the most reasonable assumption is that your system is compromised (due to abuse of Outlook Express as a newsreader) and has reconfigured your router to forward everything.

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