NetScreen Remote Unable to determine tunnel gateway - after ISP Change

Hi Experts,

I am using NetScreen-Remote? Software Version 8 VPN client to connect to my office. I had no problems connecting to my office until today when I changed my ISP.

I was using the Cable Internet from StarHub till yesterday and there was no connectivity problems.

Now I have subscribed to Singnet Broadband Connection (ADSL Line) and now I am not able to connect. Attached is the log.

All inputs are welcome. This is very urgent. Please reply to my email id

Thanks and Best Regards, Shubham

8-07: 00:08:58.047 8-07: 00:08:58.047 My Connections\\INFY - Initiating IKE Phase 1 (IP ADDR= 8-07: 00:08:58.097 My Connections\\INFY - SENDING>>>> ISAKMP OAK AG (SA, KE, NON, ID, VID 5x) 8-07: 00:08:58.137 My Connections\\INFY - RECEIVED>> ISAKMP OAK AG *(HASH, NOTIFY:STATUS_INITIAL_CONTACTNAT-D 2x) 8-07: 00:08:58.157 My Connections\\INFY - Established IKE SA 8-07: 00:08:58.157 MY COOKIE c4 c5 ca 88 1a 55 1d 46 8-07: 00:08:58.157 HIS COOKIE 8a fd 6c 5c 3b 7c 58 10 8-07: 00:08:58.177 My Connections\\INFY - RECEIVED ISAKMP OAK TRANS *(HASH, ATTR) 8-07: 00:09:04.977 My Connections\\INFY - RECEIVED>> ISAKMP OAK INFO *(HASH, DEL) 8-07: 00:09:08.502 Interface lost:
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