NetScreen 5XT botteling up network


We have had some problems with NS 5XT Elite:

After about 10 days it bottles up the network; traffick becomes slow and the firewall has to be restarted - and then all's good for another

10 days.

We have a fast internet connection (100mpbs) on the WAN side, and the NS 5XT working in transparent mode. About 20 policies, and maybe 12 gb traffic/day.

Any clues to what the problem is? Could this be capacity or hardware problem? is the unit faulty or do we need a higher performance unit (if so, examples welcome...).

All advice is welcome. thanks, Lars

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Lars Raaum
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What version of ScreenOS? I've also heard of issues when copying configs from another model and the firewall spins it's wheels trying to make sense of them. Check the tcp timeouts and see if they've been set unnecessarily high. I wonder what "get sock" says too. Can you opeen a ticket with Juniper?


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