Need help with converting old IPFWADM firewall script to iptables

I have a situation and am turning to the community for help. In upgrading a customer's prehistoric Redhat 6.0 sendmail server to FC5, I learned that this machine serves as his corporate firewall in addition to serving mail.

I am not particularly skilled in iptables, being able to modify existing scripts, but I have zero experience with the IPFW stuff. I'm lost, in other words.

Time is a problem; I need to get the conversion accomplished this weekend and will pay to get it done.

If you are interested, please contact me off-list and I will send you the script. I can only offer $50 (via PayPal or whatever) but on the other hand, I wouldn't think that the conversion would take but a few minutes, as there aren't that many unique statements in the script.

Thank you in advance!


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Brad Alpert
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FCanything isn't something any professional would do to any company! There are a lot of better solutions out there.

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Ack! Sorry, not FC5 for the customer (I just installed FC5 on my workstation here and had it on my mind).

The customer has WBEL 4 (unbranded RHEL 4.)

Thanks for catching the mistake.


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Brad Alpert

Understandable - ipfwadm is positively ancient. Did you think to try on the regular comp.os.linux.* groups - probably

I'm not sure how many people would want to tangle with that. For what it's worth, I used the following when I set up the last firewall with ipfwadm:

man page (author Jos Vos , dated Jul 96).

Firewall-HOWTO Section 7 (Aug 2001, and still "current")

IP-Masquerade-HOWTO Section 3.4.3 (Nov 2005, but still has extensive material)

Net-HOWTO (parts of Section 7.5 - version 1.7.0 from Dec 2000, which may be on the system, but is otherwise hard to find).

Good Luck - especially on Easter Sunday.

Old guy

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Moe Trin

NP Did you happen to get the information you were looking for?

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