NAT router, AV and firewall

If I have a NAT router that stops incoming packets ( says my machine is completly stealthed even when I use only the NAT firewall) and a good updated AV-software that will detect virus and trojans...

Is there then any reason at all to have a software firewall?

I have always had one, to monitor programs, but it takes both RAM and CPU% and my AV should detect any trojans before they send anything, right?

My AV both has a normal program-scan (scans all started programs), a web-scanner (scans everything downloaded with a browser) and a mail-scanner (scans everything received through mail).

It has a "network scanner" as well which I don't use (think that is supposed to scan network traffic, sound a bit like a firewall :-)

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Lars-Erik Østerud
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No, you really don't need one of the router has a syslog function so that you can look at inbound and outbound traffic to and from the router, with something like Wallwatcher.

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The AV program can be beaten by a 0 day exploit that the AV may not be able to detect.

All of it can be beaten by malware under the right conditions.

You can get a FW router that can stop inbound, outbound and has a syslog.

You can use other tools to detect things and run them as needed to look around on the machine yourself.


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Mr. Arnold

Itæs a very cheap router :-) It can block incoming packets, it has some function to stop break-in attempts (but that slows it down to much). Nothing much else. So it does not examine the packages.

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