Remote access VPN : PIX515 - ISA 2004 - LAN


I have a PIX 515e running the IOS (6.3).The PIX is front end firewall with the ISA2004 connected to the inside interface of the PIX. However,

I want to use the ISA as VPN server. Thus, I need the PIX to allow the

VPN traffic through to the ISA Server so that it can authenticate and created the tunnel. Here is my config Internet - PIX - ISA Server - LAN (DHCP,AD,Exchange 2003) PIX external: x.x.x.166 PIX Internal ISA external: ISA Internal Pls provide steps to allow the PIX to pass the vpn traffic to ISA. The DHCP in inside network of ISA will allocate IP for Remote VPN clients

Any suggestion or comments welcome and appreciated.

PPTP is enabled on ISA 2004 and MSCHAP-2 as authentication

Without PIX firewall, remote access VPN worked fine.



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why not use the PIX as a VPN server using PPTP (yuck) and have it authenticate against AD using IAS?

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