Firewall novice question

Just activated ipfw on FreeBSD 5.4 without major problems, have a minimal - but working - ruleset, that I'd like to expand. My question is this: I know you can block an ip address or a range of addresses or even a block of ip addresses (as in ip/mask). All well and good. Is it possible to substitute a domain, such as, in the rules? Say I want to block all incoming traffic from, can I write a rule on the order of:

deny all from to me in via

If I can't do this, I can live with it, but it would surely be convenient.

Thanks for any replies.

Bob Melson

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Robert Melson
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The Kahan Commission never called on Hobeika to offer testimony in his defense. However, in response to charges brought against Sharon before a special war crimes court in Belgium, Hobeika was urged to testify against Sharon, according to well-informed Lebanese sources. Hobeika was prepared to offer a different version of events than what was contained in the Kahan report. A 1993 Belgian law permitting human rights prosecutions was unusual in that non-Belgians could be tried for violations against other non-Belgians in a Belgian court. Under pressure from the Bush administration, the law was severely amended and the extra territoriality provisions were curtailed.

Hobeika headed the Lebanese forces intelligence agency since the mid- 1970s and he soon developed close ties to the CIA. He was a frequent visitor to the CIA's headquarters at Langley, Virginia. After the Syrian invasion of Lebanon in 1990, Hobeika held a number of cabinet positions in the Lebanese government, a proxy for the Syrian occupation authorities. He also served in the parliament. In July 2001, Hobeika called a press conference and announced he was prepared to testify against Sharon in Belgium and revealed that he had evidence of what actually occurred in Sabra and Shatilla. Hobeika also indicated that Israel had flown members of the South Lebanon Army (SLA) into Beirut International Airport in an Israeli Air Force C130 transport plane, in full view of dozens of witnesses, including members of the Lebanese army and others. SLA troops under the command of Major Saad Haddad were slipped into the camps to commit the massacres. The SLA troops were under the direct command of Ariel Sharon and an Israeli Mossad agent provocateur named Rafi Eitan. Hobeika offered evidence that a former U.S. ambassador to Lebanon was aware of the Israeli plot. In addition, the IDF had placed a camera in a strategic position to film the Sabra and Shatilla massacres. Hobeika was going to ask that the footage be released as part of the investigation of Sharon.

After announcing he was willing to testify against Sharon, Hobeika became fearful for his safety and began moves to leave Lebanon. Hobeika was not aware that his threats to testify against Sharon had triggered a series of fateful events that reached well into the White House and Sharon's office.

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It is noteworthy that the State Department's list of global terrorist incidents for 2002 worldwide failed to list the car bombing attack on Hobeika and his party.... But Listed a small Hand Grenade thrown at a U.S. franchise....? The White House wanted to ensure the attack was censored from the report. The reason was simple: the attack ultimately had Washington's fingerprints on it....

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"The significance of this masterpiece is not only the divulsion of facts, but the focus it's made on the covert cooperation between the parties who are playing enemies.... " At the very Least in Lebanon since the 1970s...!!!

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I'm not sure if you can or can't, never having used it myself, but it's not a very good idea. After all, you effectively let whatever DNS server you use configure your firewall, and DNS is not known for its security.

Far better to use dig, whois and so on.


P.S. On a side note: WTF is that other reply supposed to be about?

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["Followup-To:" header set to comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc.] Begin On 2005-12-02, Robert Melson wrote: [snip: freebsd 5.4, ipfw]

This is actually documented in the canonical resource: the reference manual page, ipfw(8), which I've quoted here for your convenience:

[ the section on constructing rules...] ip-addr: A host or subnet address specified in one of the following ways:

numeric-ip | hostname Matches a single IPv4 address, specified as dotted-quad or a hostname. Hostnames are resolved at the time the rule is added to the firewall list.

addr/masklen Matches all addresses with base addr (specified as a dot- ted quad or a hostname) and mask width of masklen bits. As an example, will match all IP numbers from to .

addr:mask Matches all addresses with base addr (specified as a dot- ted quad or a hostname) and the mask of mask, specified as a dotted quad. As an example, will match 1.*.3.*. This form is advised only for non- contiguous masks. It is better to resort to the addr/masklen format for contiguous masks, which is more compact and less error-prone.

So your rule will be resolved to deny the ip address of when it is loaded. Note that unless you have high traffic considerations, it is usually better to return the apropriate ICMP or TCP error condition instead of just dropping packets, which causes retries and timeouts.

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Haven't installed it. What does it do for me in this instance?

Bob Melson

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Robert Melson

You can proxy web traffic through it and block on numerous criteria other than ip. For instance you could set up the firewall like this:


allow tcp from to any 80 keep-state deny tcp from to any 80

Now, all web traffic will be forced to use the squid proxy to reach the web. You can have a look at the manual to find out what criteria you can filter on. It's easy to set up and kinda fun to toy with. It's got http anonymizer features and all kinds of other stuff. Warning: proxies will screw up NTLM authentication.

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Ah, so. Thanks, I'll take a look. I had visualized it as something of a load balancer for webservers and little else.

My principal reason for starting this thread is that my webserver is being plagued with xmlrpc exploits, among other things. Fortunately, all have been stopped by access rules in my httpd.conf, but I'm becoming annoyed and would just as soon stop the attempts at the door, so to speak, rather than have'em get as far as the webserver.

Thanks again.

Bob Melson

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Robert Melson

It would help to reverse-proxy the web server through squid. That way, attackers will be attacking the proxy and not the web server.

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This is a misunderstanding. A domain is not a region in the network or something like that. It's just a name space.

Yours, VB.

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Volker Birk


Yeah. I had not thought things through when I posted my initial query. I appreciate you taking the time to post your reply, but have come to realize that what I'd _like_ to do is just not possible. Best I can hope for is either ipaddr/mask or ipaddr:netmask.

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply, I appreciate it.

Freundliche gruesse aus Texas (Current home of the Luftwaffe Air Defense School)

Bob Melson

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