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It is more a Linux question that a firewalk or firewall quesiton! Please accept my apologies.

My knowledge about Linux is extremely primitive. However, most security tools are in Linux and I have to learn it as it goes.

I am trying to install Firewalk at root, i.e., \\root\\firewalk on a SuSE 9.2 machine. Prior to its installation, I installed Libnet at root., i.e., \\root\\libnet, as firewalk's pre-requisite.

At the end of the ./configure, the program "complained" that it could not find libnet!

Should I need to add a "path" to the "environment" so that Firewalk could find it. If it is the case, what are the steps?

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.



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Doug Fox
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../configure --help | less

and read. Is there an option for configure to tell where this library is?

Yours, VB.

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Volker Birk

and probably would be more apropos in comp.os.linux.misc, or possibly alt.os.linux.suse - but what-ever

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Two places (at two sites) you should be familiar with. Older versions of the HOWTOs may be stashed on your system (/usr/share/HOWTO/ perhaps), but that _alone_ is about 470 documents - the equivalent of 12,000 pages. The LDP guides are 25 or so full sized books, available for free download in various print formats.

Unusual location. If you 'echo $PATH' as root, you will see what is in the PATH. I'd rather doubt that /root/firewalk is - though /root/bin might be. Normally, something like that would go into /usr/local/sbin/.

SuSE 9.2 is a version behind (9.3 came out in March), and 10.0 is in at least the third beta release.

Better learn that UNIX (and friends, that includes Linux) uses the other slash as a path separator. None the less, /root/libnet is a HIGHLY unusual location. Libraries are more likely to go to /lib/, /usr/lib/, and perhaps (in this case) /usr/local/lib/.

Not surprising. See the 'Filesystem Hierarchy Standard' available from

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See also the 'Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy' which is an LDP guide.

Did you read the ./configure and ./Makefile* to see where things are expected to be? Did you read the documentation that came with the tarball?

As a newbie, you should be staying more with the packages that are supplied with your distribution (in this case SuSE 9.2). Packages (.rpm) that are specifically built for SuSE 9.2 are probably acceptable as well. Other pre-built packages may be for other versions of SuSE (I'd avoid anything built for versions earlier that 9.0), and for other distributions (such as Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Mandrake/Mandriva, Red Hat and Slackware, and clones thereof) may not work for you because of incompatibilities between distributions (files in non-standard places) and releases (different library versions). Tarballs can work, though no where near as easy (and thus not for the newbie), and these bypass the package manager which may cause dependencies problems.

Old guy

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Moe Trin

Many thanks, Moe, for the info.

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