find out why ingoing traffic meter completely full

Dear ng, I'm working under XP SP2 and having Zone Alarm Pro 7 as firewall. My question is that the ingoing traffic meter (green) sometimes gets completely full. When this happens the computer gets extremely slow. I would like to find out what happens. Unfortunately, when the ingoing traffic meter is completely full, nothing happens when I doubleclick it. Help very much appreciated. Regards, Marcel

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Marcel Verduyn
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Zone Alarm is no firewall. It's a host-based packet filter, and a pretty lousy and insecure one.

Use a kernel debugger. If a known-bogus software like Zone Alarm goes mad, they cause might be indefinitely stupid.

Maybe you should also simply uninstall this toy. Why did you even install it in first place? I presume you're mature enough to not play around with toys.

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Sebastian G.

Thanks Sebastian,

"Sebastian G." schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:

which kernel degugger do you recommend ?



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Marcel Verduyn

WinDbg or Syser

At any rate, there's no use to it.

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