Experience with HOT Brick Units?

Oh, so now yer looking for a box like me too? Cool.

I called them to check on their Firewall LB2 and here's my experience.

I did not really have to wait long to talk to anyone and it is a toll free number. He thought it would be best if I emailed the questions I had since there were so many. So I did. Then the next day we talked on the phone cus the day I sent them email their servers went down and they had to fix them. He called me and left a message, but I was gone. I called back and the people I spoke to seemed nice and polite, not having to wait long also. Finally we spoke and he spent 25-30 minutes talking to me about all my questions and answered them professionally and nicely.

I wanted content filtering to block web sites and they do not do this at all in the true way where you select categories. They make you insert manually all the urls and keywords. Other then this their units I think look fine.

You can go to their site and actually download a manual for the Firewall LB2 and I would think the others they have also.

If the LB2 had true content filtering I'd have bought it, but instead I ordered the Zywall 10w which has excelent bandwidth logging information and true content filtering from cerberian

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I really wanted the hotbrick for dual wan load balancing, if i ever buy another modem account, but non3e that have dual wan do true content filtering.

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I'm considering purchasing a HotBrick firewall appliance for a small office and would like to get feedback from users that actually have one.

What Version? How long have you had it? How easy it is to get support?

How many public IP are you using?

How many internal trusted network subnets do you have it setup for?

How many internal DMZ network subnets?

Are you doing any content filtering? What and how effective?

Are you using the Site-to-Site VPN methods and are they reliable?

Since their suggest XXX users max, is it limited in the firmware or is that just a suggestion and you could actually have an unlimited number (baring DHCP limitations).


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I'd consider looking into a H0TC@RL Security Chest-5. It's the shit.

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