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I look up IP addresses on the various WHOIS services and they all use a 2 letter code for the country - i.e. US = USA.

Most are self evident but some are not so. Is there a file that I can download which gives the 2 letter code and then the full country name?

I assume that all WHOIS services use a common 2 letter country code.

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A search on Google for "2 letter country codes" gives the following as the first hit;

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hard to do, give Google a go first next time :)

Wayne McGlinn Brisbane, Oz

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Hi Wayne

I tried that search pattern on Google Australia but the link you gave didn't turn up for some reason. I did, however, spot a reference to ISO-3166 and that did the trick.

I now have added the list into a workbook in the spreadsheet into which I paste the firewall log for checking.

Thanks for your help.

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