Copying files through a firewall from LAN to DMZ?

Hi all,

hopefully this is the right place to ask!

I need a robust method to copy image files (mainly pdf's, jpg's and tif's) from a document management system inside a corporate lan onto a dmz to enable public access over the net.

The current methodology for this is for a scheduled task on the lan side to uuencode new files and, having a sql*net rule (or MSSQL equivalent, depending on the client's preferred db) on the firewall, insert the resultant text into a field on a staging-db in the DMZ.

Another scheduled task running in the DMZ then reads the rows in the staging-db, recreates the files by unencoded them and writing them out.

However, this is prone to all sorts of errors - scheduled tasks can fail, encoding process might not work for some files, database inserts might fail, unencoding doesn't work, etc, etc.

What I really want is a single scheduled task (I don't mind where it sits - lan or DMZ) that can copy the files over without compromising the security of the lan.

Is there a secure method to open up a firewall in this way?

Thanks in advance


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FTP works well and uses one port and works in one direction.

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