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We are having issues with people trying to connect from home. If they connect directly into their DSL the VPN works great, but if they connect from behind a router then they will connect but are unable to use the network. I'm sure that the problem is because our network at the office is a network and the home networks are the same. I'm sure that this isn't an uncommen problem. Does anyone have a quick solution for this?

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You need to change the range for one of the networks. Either change the one at work to 192.168.x.0 (where x is something other than 1), or the users need to go into their router setups and change theirs in a similar way. They can all use the same address, as long as it does not overlap with the corporate addressing.

I use Sonicwall, but our corporate network uses 172.30.x.x for internal addressing. For various reasons, my DSL router (used when cable goes down) is 192.168.2.x, and my cable router is 192.168.3.x.

This lists the range of 'private' addresses you can use that won't work on the real Internet:

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Andrew Rossmann

That's what I was afraid of. I was hoping there was an easier way.


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