Cisco 501 help needed

I cannot access the internet from my office Until recently there was no firewall in the office and I decided toy buy a cisco 501. I have ten XP computers with a local IP 192.168.x.x and second IPs the static internet ones. I have configured my cisco with one of the external IPs and one internal through the wizard. I can ping internet and intranet from the cisco but I can't access internet from a pc. What can I do?
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- ask Cisco's support.

- hire someone who knows how to solve such problems

- start learning (only if you have some weeks of time)

Yours, VB.

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Volker Birk

can you ping ip addresses or names? if only ipaddresses check your dns settings,

type: sh logg and see if you get any deny entries while you open a webbrowser on a client

there's many more your config


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You forgot to mention: RTFM


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Wolfgang Kueter

If I understand you correctly, you have 10 PCs all networked together with each assigned both private and public IPs on each one and no firewall? WHY?????

Did you set the gateway address on each PC to the address of the Cisco?

I guess you didn't then ;-)

Get an expert in. You are out of your depth and a danger to other Internet users.

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