Anyone using Trend Micro PC-Cillin IS 2006?

If you are, is anyone having probs with staying online (if u use dial-up)?

Do you get disconnected say every 5-20 mins??

I know its the program, not me, coz I uninstalled this program on 2 PC's and the disconnecting stopped.

I've seen on the trend micro site, that u can allow the generic host, if it appears under the exceptions list under the direct connection option (under network security). BUT, generic host doesnt appear on this, so I can change deny to allow, under the exception list.

So, anyone know what should be changed, so I can stay online longer for

10-20 mins without this program cutting me off all the time.
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This is one of those many programs which are known to be chronically defective. So what's our point?

And obviously it didn't save you from such dumbness like using MSOE as a newsreader.

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Sebastian Gottschalk

Derision isn't considered mentoring and is pretty useless as a educational tool.

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So far all major Internet Security and Personal Firewall products.

And you never noticed that you're trivially vulnerable to DoS through UDP flooding?

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Sebastian Gottschalk

Are you just talking about the 2006 edition of TM PC-cillin, or the program in general?

I'm running Pc-cillin 2005 on my dialup computer, and I have had no problems with disconnections.

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