6 meg DSL with Watchguard x500

I have a firebox x500 with AT&T DSL. We recently upgraded from 3 meg to 6 meg and some of the pcs will not run at 6. We are using web blocker based on ip. When I add PCs to the outbound group, it runs at

6 meg. If they are not, they only get 3 meg. I cannot find anything restricting bandwidth (QoS or such) within policy manager. I have looked for hours. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

FYI- Watchguard is moving their support back to America! (Awesome!) Unfortunatly, tech support is pretty much unavailible. (not Awesome!)


nate hewett

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You should not have an "OUT" rule at all.

There are two services, one is a proxy, one is not - the proxy service will slow connections down all the time, but 6mbps is nothing.

The device is rated for 300+Mbps, and VPN of 35Mbps.

I normally use double the VPN rating for what I can expect to sustain through the proxy services.

What do you have your MTU setting at?

DSL does not always work well with the default 1500, sometimes you need a 14xx setting to get optimal.

Try your speed test here:

formatting link
select the location closest to you.

My Cable (Business Class) is rated for 4mbps/2mbps. My firewalls are setup using the HTTP Proxy with Web Blocker enabled on them.

I average 3854kbps/1865kbps - very close the max of my line.

Oh, and I never use the default rules when doing a firebox, and NEVER USE OUT, setup proper rules.

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All I needed to hear was "watchguard" and I knew what the problem was. Those boxes are garbage.

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I never had a problem with mine. It works like a champ. I guess it's about who is sitting behind the wheel and is doing the driving.

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Mr. Arnold

LOL - Yea, tell that to all my clients that have them in place, and have had them in place for more than 6 years in most cases.

I have not found a single vendor that provides better service, or a better appliance anywhere.

I have found many people that bought CHEAP and for the wrong application

- meaning they bought the smallest or cheapest version while not taking the time to understand the spec's and then found out that they should have taken time to understand their need and the spec of the device - but that happens with any vendor.

I have a Firebox II still in daily service for a company that as 12 branch offices, and it's worked for many years without an update or problem.

I personally use a Firebox III/1000 in my home.

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I've got to voice my support for WG products. Their edges and fireware E series core firewall are top notch. The proxies through the older software (WFS) did give quite a performance hit but the new fireware is a power house. Their support is great, the application layer proxies are great and dare anyone to show me a better logging and reporting service than WG.

Tsudohnimh KnowtheNetwork.com

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