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We're building a reginal fibre-optics network over silesian region in Poland. Structure develops very fast and now we are looking for software to administer cables and fibers. Designers autocad or visio to note crossess and splices, but this is pretty lame - unfunctional and non-automatic.

I'm looking for software designed especially for optics network. A program that can do diagrams with muffs, couplers, patch pannels etc. Program in witch I can select a fibre on a patch pannel in one place and it will show me how it is spliced on it's way, and where it ends.

Does anyone know software to do this? Thaks in advance.

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Grzegorz Bialas
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Dear Grzegorz,

You may find the right solution at EXFO or Agilent Technologies. Please don't hesitate to call me at :

Hope this helps, _Marc

Grzegorz Bialas a =E9crit :

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