Fiber to Fiber Coupling


We'd like to image the output face (the core area) of a fiber onto the input face (core) of an identical fiber with the highest coupling efficiency possible. The wavelength is

800 nm. What is the best method to achieve this?

I could think of the following two.

1- Use double aspheric (two identical aspheres) with NA equal to the fiber's NA.

2-Use a single imaging GRIN lens that has the same NA as that of the fiber. Can GRIN lens handle high power light i.e. keep its refractive index profile intact?

Appreciate your comment and suggestions.


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It is done by splicing the fibers, not by lens coupling.

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H. Wabnig

You don't say what is on the ends of your fiber. Best (lowest loss); fusion splice Good; connectorize both ends with point contact angled connectors which creates a direct physical contact between the two Okay 1; mechanical splice Okay 2 (very lossy and a pain in the butt to get the fill factor right); using some sort of lens configuration to get light out of one fiber and focused into the other

P. Danek

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Do a google search on "fusion splicers".

Maybe you can rent one.

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Cap'n Crunch

Siecor made a mechanical splice but it's not for a permanent installation.

A fusion splicer will give you the best throughput for a permanent installation.

No connectors necessary. Just fuse the fiber together when they are perfectly aligned.

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