Ceramic Versus Metal Alignment Sleeves

Some vendors like Ciena make a big deal of ordering SC connectors with a choice of metal or ceramic alignment sleeves. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each material?

Will metal substitute for ceramic in all cases?

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will, as far as I know ordinary connectors are male and carry ferrules, not sleeves Sleeves are female and part of adaptors where you can connect a connector on each side ceramic is more stable to temperature changes. multimode adaptors use phosphorous bronze sleeves which are cheaper to manufacture than zirconia (ceramic) sleeves.

Will ha escrito:

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What I have found from my own experience, if you are going to be connecting/disconnecting multiple times (i.e. research environment) then you want ceramic. The phosphor bronze tends to loose its elasticity after a couple of connections and then it is sloppy after that.

P. Danek

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