obtaining port bits per second data from switch


I would like to work out the bandwidth consumption of watching various video streams on my machine.

I am not sure how best to measure this? Does anyone know if I can get accurate data from the switch (e.g. via snmp). We have mostly HP switches and a few Extreme.


Ben Thompson

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Ben Thompson
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You can't get accurate data unless you can manage to isolate the entire link from source to destination from all other traffic. If, though, you were to try the monitoring at various times of day, you might get a set of approximations that were close enough for your purposes.

What you need is a standard snmp ifInOctets and ifOutOctets monitoring over a time interval. A program such as MRTG can probably set this up for you with little difficulty.

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Walter Roberson

If you're running XP there is a tool called perfmon that will report just about anything your PC is doing.

task manager has a basic network traffic chart.

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Al Dykes

If you need to isolate particular traffic and not just monitor the whole of the ethernet port then you might consider capturing the traffic with Ethereal and then you can plot various graphs.

You can capture on the same PC if the traffic is not too much for it or maybe your network kit supports "port mirroring" , "span port", "port monitoring" in which case you can use a seperate PC to capture the traffic.

In ethereal - statistics/io-graphs then apply filters.

Very nice.

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