multiple connections between 2 switches


Is there a benefit to multiple linkups between two switches ? Meaning connecting two or more network cables from one switch to the other. (analogue to NIC teaming/aggregation, putting multiple network cards into a same pc to increase throughput)

if so, will any switch do or must the switches specifically support this? in the latter case, how would such a feature be called?

best regards glenn

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The benefits are the same as for NIC to switch - the increased

*aggregate* throughput you mention, and some addtional resiliance in the face of failures.

IIRC the IEEE standard for this is 802.3ad and is called "Link Aggregation." You might see mention of the Link Aggregation Control Protocol or LACP. There is a prior, proprietary Cisco FastEtherChannel out there. I'd suggest going with the de jure standards whenever possible.

Switch vendors might also mention teaming or bonding or perhaps trunking, but I'm learning that trunking might mean something else in some contexts.

rick jones

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Rick Jones

With 3com switches , you can designate multiple ports as trunks, and have those direct connected to trunk ports on another 3 com switch. Trunks allow more bandwidth between switches and connection redundancy. If the switches are in the same rack, it is better to use the matrix connector on the back (way bigger bandwidth!) gr

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Thank you , Rick and gr, for your replies. Now I know what I must look for. my hp procurve supports lacp. sadly the new main 3com baseline 24port gbit does not. guess I'll buy another procurve and put the 3com as a 'local' switch on one end.

regards glenn

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