GARP/GVRP Question

Hello Everybody,

I have been trying to understand the example code provided for GARP in

802.1d 1998 edition.

There are certain variables for which I am not able to understand their significance as regard to the code implementation. If someone has implemented/studied this kindly suggest if my understanding is correct.

There is a variable in Garp.h file

unsigned last_gid_used;

and it has been used at numerous places in the code.

I am giving excerpts from the example implementation in the standard


(1)in Gid.c under gid_create_gid as follows -

my_port->last_transmitted = application->last_gid_used; my_port->last_to_transmit = application->last_gid_used;

Here I am assume that they are trying to make sure that at the time when GID instance is created for this port it should be in default, i.e insure to this port/instance that there are transmissions pending

(2) It has been used in Destroy GID as well where I assume code is going through the whole array of GID instances and seeing if the instances which are registered and then destroying them

static void gid_destroy_gid(Gid *gid) { unsigned gid_index; for (gid_index = 0; gid_index application-

last_gid_used; gid_index++)

{ if (gid_registered_here(gid, gid_index)) gid->application->leave_indication_fn(gid->application, gid, gid_index); } sysfree(gid->machines); sysfree(gid); }

(3) static void gid_leaveall(Gid *my_port) { /*

  • only for shared media at present
*/ unsigned i; Garp *application; application = my_port->application; for (i = 0; i last_gid_used; i++) (void) gidtt_event(my_port, &my_port->machines[i], Gid_rcv_leaveempty); }

I am having problems undestanding the code at this point because I was assuming that last_gid_used is keeping track of the number og gid instances created for the application

But above code is used for sending leaveall messages to all the state machines of a port(Participant) How come we are using last_gid_used? Should not we use upper_limit of gid machines allowed per port

Kindly correct me my understanding??

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Jassy.

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