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Why the AT-WCP200G card can't work in mixed mode of B and G standards? The network diagram is simple Linksys WRT54G connected to ADSL modem and all clients are with AT-WCP200G PCI cards. If I put the Linksys WRT54G in one of the standards B or G in NOT MIXED mode, all the clients are working ok with the windows software. If I put the Linksys WRT54G in MIXED MODE of B and G standards then the network is colised and it's can't work. The cards are trying to find the network sometimes they will find after refresh button and sometimes they will not find the network at all. If the card find the network then it can't connect to the network.

I try also to install the new software what I download from you web site. There woos nothing about SSID site survey button or something like that. After starting the software I get blue screen on the computer crash my operating system. When I uninstall the software from the computer and live the drivers for the card in the system I woos able to get windows working and the problem stays with trouble finding networks in mixed mode of AP's.

Is there any fix for this solution.

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Hi Miroslav,

You can call our technical support line at 1-800-428-4835 ext3 and we will be able to creat you a ticket and furthur assist you on your question. Thank you and have a nice day.


George Choe

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Maybe the clients and the Linksys don't quite agree as to how to implement mixed mode. IEEE 802.11 is similar to coax Ethernet, in that all clients, and the access point, see the same shared medium. This sentence from IEEE 802.11g Clause 9.6 should probably raise a warning flag about trying to run mixed mode:

"The algorithm for performing rate switching is beyond the scope of this standard, but in order to ensure coexistence and interoperability on multiratecapable PHYs, this standard defines a set of rules that shall to be followed by all STAs."

If the details aren't in the standard, my first suspicion would be that the various vendors who support mixed mode might not do so in precisely the same manner.


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