How to do BERT testing on an Ethernet?

> Folks,
> I need to perform the equivilent of a bit error rate test on an
> Ethernet segment running through a synchronous serial satellite modem.
> In the old days of synch serial data comm one would simply use a synch
> serial BERT device and generate a pattern and check for pattern sync,
> slips and BER figures.
> Now I need to make the same type of measurments on an Ethernet. I have
> found software which essentially pings over an extended period of time
> and reports packet loss percentage and such. But this does not
> translate to a true bit error rate.
> Can anyone suggest a method, device or software to achieve this goal? >
> Thanks in advance,
> Mitch
I would recommend a Viavi/JDSU or EXFO test set. They are designed to do this
kind of testing.
There are other cheaper alternatives out there as well. They will generate a
constant stream of traffic and analyze it.
You can test Head to Head or to a Ethernet Loopback (or loopback device such as
an EtherNID).
I understand why this testing is necessary, for those that do not get it. A BERT
is still the gold standard for establishing network reliability.
If you or a customer is paying for a 6 nines link it is a prolonged BERT that
determines if they are getting what they are paying for.
A RFC-2544, Y.1564, True SAM, and other test are helpful but a BER test will
find problems they will not.
This kind of test seems very necessary for a Ethernet link that goes through a
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