Who is causing traffic on 506e

We have a 506e. Periodically, some one either internally or exteranlly is doing something that is causing excessive traffic on our internet connection. I'm a PDM user, and in when monitoring the Traffic Usage graphs, our normal traffic shows in the Interface graph, the Inside and Outside inteface ranges between 2-11 kbps. But, I will see it spike up for long durations around 300-600 and has gone as high as 1230.

For the Outside Interface Traffic Usage graph, the Input and Output shows spikes just as high.

We are a small company - less that 50 people, so when I see this, and it's slowing down our connection, I'll walk around and ask if anyone is uploading, or downloading, music, video, etc, and no one ever is.

So, my question is, how can I use the 506 to tell me how is causing the traffic. Are there logs I can get to? I view the PDM log, but it's just a snap shot at the moment.

I called Cisco for help with this and they wanted $800 for a one time support call! I wish I had never bought cisco!


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Mike Bailey
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Walter Roberson

do you have a switch connected to the PIX inside interface that permits a protocol analyzser to be attached. This capability goes by various name spanning port, monitorint port, etc, If you not sure post the make and model of switch and software revison level

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Dont feel bad, Cisco is a good product

I think their can be virus in your network which is uploading data to several sites in world. PIX 506E can handle you kind of network.

Please check antivirus definations in whole network. Consider doing following .

  1. netstat -n (post result)
  2. arp -a (post result)
  3. Network Switches link status (blinking or non blinking)
  4. Update Vrius definations on Antivirus/Spyware//Grayware installed on Machines.
  5. Full system scan on network machines when LAN is disabled.

Its one night job and you can manage that to get your network up and ready

Thanks CK-NET Live like a King

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