What is the hex number at the end of an access-list?

for example:

show access-list aclOUT

access-list aclOUT line 15 extended permit icmp any host echo-reply (hitcnt=2) 0x2ae70942

What is the hex value at the end (ios is 7.2)?

Thanks, Chris

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I've looked all over and can't find the answer to your question. The

0x can be discarded, and the hex behind it shows up in a bunch of ACL logs and debugs, and fluctuates. Could be a hex reference for the acl, or the traffic...I get the impression it is an identifier for something that doesn't matter to us engineers.......

I welcome someone who may have a better guess or may know, but would guess its not useful since I can't find any information regarding the syntax or meaning.

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That would be both pix and asa v 7.x that do this, I have noticed. could it be the syslog number in hex ?

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Martin Bilgrav

"Stupid48" wrote in news:1173891827.198768.40400 @p15g2000hsd.googlegroups.com:

Are you sure it's IOS 7.2? It looks more like PixOS...

Cheers, Lars

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Lars L. Christensen

My PIX 515 mit 6.3(3) and my 501 with 6.3(5) don't show this hex number at the end.



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Frank Winkler

Yes, sorry it's PIX OS 7.2. Was just curius because it wasn't on 6.3 before I upgraded.

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