VLAN Routing

I need to setup a following VLAN and make them able to see each other.


So, I figured that I need to give IP Address to the VLAN


And do IP Route

ip routing ip route

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For VLAN routing, you don't need VTP. If you're using a switch (like the 2950) and set up the 3 VLANs, you need a router to route between the VLANs and a common approach is using trunking. If you're using a MLS (a switch with also routing capability, like the

3550), just set up the 3 VLANs, assign vlan membership to ports and off you go. Don't even need to put a route (assuming you're not routing beyond the 3 VLANs).
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Okay, on what platform? This could apply to layer-2 switches, in which this won't work at all, or routers or layer-3 switches would could work.


VTP is used to communicate to other switches/routers what VLANs exist. A cisco won't forward VLAN traffic along a trunk unless it knows the VLANs in use.

VTP isn't used to specify access of ports to a VLAN. Its used to communicate to other switches what VLANs exist. You still have to have some method to put each port into accessing what VLAN each needs to (or use something like VMPS).

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Doug McIntyre

Cisco won't forward traffic along a trunk if there is no active VLANs on other switches, but only if you enable VTP pruning which is disabled by default on many switches I saw...

B.R. Igor


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Igor Mamuzic

It's a 3550 cisco layer 3 switch also I need to use the same VLAN across two more 2950 switches. That's why I need to use VTP.

Do I need to speficy VLAN to ports on the switch? Now, all ports belong to VLAN 1(default); how can I assign VLAN 3,4,5 to the all the ports.

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in interface config mode, switchport access vlan x

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The question is how do I add ports on the switch to each vlan-------------

The command is

1 login to switch 2 enter enable mode type-------- en and enter 3 enter global config mode------ conf t then enter 4 type interface fastethernet 'slot/port number of interface that is to be configured. 5 switchport access vlan 'the number of the vlan you want to give access to'

make sure you enable trunking on each switch


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