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This is my network diagram:

stm-1 fe _____________________________ _______Customer1 / \\ / Upstream____R1 R4 ge \\________R2_________R3________/ \\_______Customer2 stm-1 stm-1 stm-1 fe

I have two 100Mb customers connected via FastEthernet links to R4 router. Traffic from internet to these customers is going through STM-1 connection between R1 and R4 routers. If both customers in one time want full 100Mb traffic from Internet the STM-1 connection will be overbooked (200Mb needed VS 155Mb available).

Is it possible to push 50-60Mb/s (maybe 10 of 20 prefixes announced by Customer2) from R1 to R4 via R2+R3 ? On path R1 to R4 via R2+R3 we have about 70-80Mb/s free bandwidth. Can anyone propose us solution ?

Some additional informations:

1) R1,R2,R3,R4 - 7206VXRs with NPE-G1, IOS 12.2S Service Provider 2) Customer1, Customer2 - customers with BGP routing 3) IGP is currently OSPF, but we'll migrate to ISIS. 4) STM-1 connections running via SDH infrastructure using ppp encapsulation and 'mpls ip' + ldp lunched.

Thanks, RobertH

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Robert Hass
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Have you taken a look at these links from Cisco's MPLS documentation? You probably have already seen these, however, I'm not an MPLS dude. The IS-IS document *seems* like it may apply to your situation, though...

MPLS Traffic Engineering

formatting link

Configuring MPLS Basic Traffic Engineering Using IS-IS

formatting link

MPLS Basic Traffic Engineering Using OSPF Configuration Example

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