Hi everybody, I hope this is the right place where to ask my question (in case i'm wrong please point me to the right group). I have to collect some information regarding the state of MST of a lan where there are switches of different vendors, beside cisco. Searching through the cisco proprietary portion of the mib tree and i've found that the CISCO-STP-EXTENSIONS-MIB could partially help me in completing my work (i mostly aim in detecting infos from the "IEEE compliant" version of MST, not from the proprietary cisco version). I should by the way also detect extra information such as the root bridges of each single MST instance of a MST region and the root brigde of the entire CST. Is it possible to gain access to such informations on the proprietary cisco mibs? At the moment i did not succeed in my search. I also need information to perform a mapping from the single MST instance and the different bridge ports, such as the port state, the port cost, etc... In case these infos will not be accessible, does anybody have any clue on how to deduce them or work my way up to them?

Thanks to everybody who will gave his/her input on this, regards,


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