Routing between interfaces on a MW-ESW-16

I have a 2851 with an MW-ESW-16 card. I can route just fine between either of the 2851's GigE interfaces and the ESW-16's interfaces, but cannot get it to route between 2 ESW-16 interfaces.

Here are my port configs.

interface FastEthernet1/3 description LAN I/F no switchport ip address duplex full speed 10

interface FastEthernet1/15 description WAN access no switchport ip address ip ospf cost 1 duplex full speed 100

Am I missing something obvious?


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Am 24.03.2010 20:46 schrieb ve7eje:

If you are, as I believe, talking about an NM-ESW-16 then that's no surprise. Those 16 ports are switch ports, not router ports. What's surprising is that they accept an IP address at all.

I guess what you could do is create two VLANs, assign one port to each, and then configure routing between the VLAN interfaces, like you do on an ASA 5505.

HTH Tilman

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Tilman Schmidt

You can't with an NM-ESW-16 card. Its a pure layer-2 switch. Its sort of like bolting a 16-port 2950 switch onto your router. You can only do layer-2 configs on the interface ports, and the only configs you can do with the ports are VLAN membership, QoS settings, duplex, speed, etc.

Anything layer-3, you'll have to VLAN trunk into the switch portion, and you could setup layer-3 VLAN routing on the subinterfaces of your L3 interface to the switch side.

Some of the newest/biggest switch on a blade are more like a 3570, but this isn't one of them.

Here's the docs on it.

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