Routing 3750 Issue


I have successfully set up Intervalna routing in a test environment between three test VLAN's. I have a 3750G 13 port switch acting as a distribution switch and have three other 3750's in a stack hanging off of it. I have enabled eigrp on the 12 port distibution switch and have announced the networks that are available. I also configured the switch to notice and route between three vlans. vlan 1: vlan) vlan 25: vlan 20: VTP domain is setup properly and trunking is configured as well. On the stack switch all ports except three are assigned to vlan 25. I used the command switcport mode access then followed it up by switchport access vlan

  1. The other port is assigned to vlan 20 using the previous commands and substituting 25 for 20. The last two are in a etherchannel trunking back to the distributuin switch carrying vlan 25, 20 and 1. Now I can ping every address available from the switches. Form any PC I can ping for a little while, then it stops. I have to reboot the distribution switch in order to get things working again, then it will eventually stop too.

Has anyone experienced anything similiar with these 3750 switches? I am about to try another switch in its place.


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Frank Durham
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