Remote user VPN - Design help


currently I'm designing a new network for a customer. The design have one core and a directly connected access layer---> no distribution layer

This construct consist of two main locations. The connectivity between the locations are 10Gbit. One Cat 6509 and on the other side a Cat

4506 each with 10Gbit linecards. On the side there the Cat 6509 stands there is also needed solutionen to make a remote user access possible. Also the main location (cat 6509) there is the default route pointing to the firewall which is connected on the 6509 Switch.

My questions are:

  1. Is there any good design guide on the cisco side ?
  2. What should I ask our customer to make decisions about the hardware ? (how many customer,..)
  3. Can I use an integrated service router like 38xx for the remote user ?
4.What the best practices ?

kind regards


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