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Hi, I have an issue with my PPP multilink setup which consist of 2 links (A & B). On my side a 7206VXR router is being used, while a 2600 series on the remote side. In a situation where link A goes down, the other link B should be functioning without issues. But in this case, whenever link A goes down, the B link becomes intermittent. Shutting the local interface for link A did not have any effect.We solved the issue by shutting the remote interface for Link A. Does anyone have any idea on what could be wrong? Could it be related to IOS incompatibility or misconfiguration issues?

Thanks, Kanagaraj Krishna

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I do that sort of setup all the time and haven't seen anything like that happen. The T1s just drop out or come up as needed if they have problems, and no loss in traffic is detected, just a reduction in bandwidth available.

Post the relevant sections of your configs?

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Doug McIntyre

and post show version from both routers

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