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Hi, I'm working for a medium size ISP providing transit services to our customers. We are currently in the process of expanding our network which includes addition to our upstream providers. In the process of identifying where to put our money into, we want to study our customers traffic pattern (destination, type of traffic, region etc) before deciding on the most suitable upstream provider that fits the bill (coverage and quality). One of the option that we are looking into in doing these is the Netflow function on cisco routers. I have a few questions regarding this issue:

- Any good (free/open source) software that can analyze (stats, graph etc) Netflow data?

- Any comments on the use of Netflow for this purpose?

- Any other suggestions in reaching our objectives (other than Netflow)?

Hope to get input from you guys out there. Thanks.

Regards, Kanagaraj Krishna

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What kind of routers are we talking about? I can tell you that our

6500 MSFCII/PFCs went to 100% CPU utilization when *exporting* the netflow data. But we weren't sampling, we were trying to gather every packet of every flow. I really like Crannog but it's a commercial package and not a freeware tool. If you google this group, you'll find all the packages that people have recommended in the past.
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