Questions: Cisco Catalyst 5000

I just purchased a Catalyst 5000 from ebay and have just a few general questions?

1) Will the db9 adapter I use to console into my 2501 router still be used for this switch?

2) Anyone know where I can get the mounting brackets so I can install in 19" rack (cheap price)?

3) Where can I get a console cable for it? It has a Sup I blade which has the db25 female adapter on it.

Appreciate any info.

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IIRC, you just need any straight-through cable (instead of the Cisco blue cable) between the DB9 adapter on your laptop and the DB25 adapter on the Sup.



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Dan Daniels

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Likely, depends on the adaptor.

I've got some but they're badly bent (seems to be common). Keep your eye on ebay.

SupII's are cheap as chips, see if you can pick one of them up close by to save on shipping costs.

RSM is a lot of fun if you can find one, do your research on which modules you'd like to find (atm, fddi, etc, etc) and jump on them if you find them cheap. Redundant power supplies are nice, particularly if you make the thing central to your network.

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