PPTP VPN through PIX515

Hi all, I upgraded a PIX515 from 6.3 7.0.4 IOS. According to the upgrade-docs, the new IOS does not support PPTP anymore. We are having windows clients that are connecting via this PIX to a PPTP server.

I forwarded (PAT) the tcp port 1723 onto the local PPTP server and allowed the GRE protocol to be allowed on the outside interface. Unfortunately, this does not work; the GRE requests are being discarded. The logs look like this:

Jan 25 13:48:02 XXX Jan 25 2006 13:48:04: %PIX-6-302013: Built inbound TCP connection 2746 for outside: ( to inside:XXX/1723 (XXX/1723) Jan 25 13:48:02 XXX Jan 25 2006 13:48:04: %PIX-7-710006: GRE request discarded from to outside:XXX

I tried nearly everything (allowing all ip protocols, etc.), but without success.

Is the new IOS unable to accept and forward such VPN's as PPTP is not supported anymore??

Moreover, the upgrade docs says that l2tp is not being supported anymore too. Does this mean that it is impossible to connect windows vpn clients over the PIX (neither with pptp nor with l2tp/ipsec)?? Are there other solutions around?? E.g. Cisco VPN Client..

Thank you very much for some clarification.


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