PIX receives one ping, then drops

I can receive one ICMP response per IP pinged on my INSIDE network, then the rest of the packets drop. Happens with several packets, in both normal and monitor mode.

Anyone seen this behaviour before?

515 was part of a failover config, both were unrestricted units, but I've broken the failover, tried swapping cables, unplugged all but the INSIDE interface, changed it's internal IP address, but all to no avail.

please help

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Have you tried applying a rule on the firewall to allow ICMP to the interface on the firewall and then try pinging and see if you do get the same results. Then remove the rule and try pinging again. Has the firewall software been upgraded recently? Have the firewalls been rebooted lately?

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Just curious - You mentioned they were part of a Failover. Are you sure one of the two models is not licened for just Fail over? If you bought these as a failover bundle, most likely you have Unrestricted on one, but Failover on the other.

If this is the case, Cisco has built-in various protection to prevent you from running them independantly.

I'd verify this before doing anything else by viewing the actual license paramaters.


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This happened to me once on a new install, the fix was to turn off "spanningtree portfast" on the ports of the switch that the Pix connected to, I know it sounds stupid but it flat out would not work with porfast.

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