ntp requests routed wrong

Hello, we are running some CSS11501 load balancers, they work fine so far. However, they are supposed to get their system time from our ntp time servers. This does not work because of the ntp requests are routed via the e9 port, while they should go via the management port. Here is part of the config:

sntp primary-server version 3 sntp secondary-server version 3 ... ip management route ip management route ip route 1 ... interface e9 trunk redundancy-phy vlan 11 vlan 12 ... circuit VLAN11 redundancy ip address

circuit VLAN12 redundancy ip address ... !************************ BOOT CONFIG ************************ ip address subnet mask gateway address primary boot-file sg0750103 primary boot-type boot-via-disk

So the ntp requests are supposed to take the gateway, but they to the way, which is our firewall, where they are dumped. Any idea? Eggert

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Eggert Ehmke
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