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I have a Cisco 2650 w 2 T-1 WICs and IOS 12.3. We have the internal FA0/1 doing overload NAT. Does anyone know if it is possible to also create a tunnel between this router and another Cisco? Is NAT and tunnelling mutually exclusive?

TIA Digital Doug

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Houston SBC
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Not mutually exclusive, No.

I don't know the details for IOS (and I understand it changed within the last 2 years or so); on Cisco PIX, the trick is that the ACL that designates the tunnel traffic must describe the traffic after NAT (for outgoing traffic) or before de-NAT (incoming traffic) -- essentially must match what would appear on the wire if the tunnels were not intercepting the packets and encapsulating them.

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Walter Roberson

I think with a site-to-site VPN you have to apply an access-list that denies your hosts from being NATd so they can cross the link to the other router.

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