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I found a configuration like this on a router and it works, but I do not understand it. There is a NAT list with a deny statement at the beginning. When I look at the NAT translation, all NATs are using the source ip-address of the interface, but this ip-address is denied in the list. So how does this work? I usually would configure the access-list 30 with permit and deny any.

! interface FastEthernet0.99 description myIF encapsulation dot1Q 99 ip address ip nat outside ip virtual-reassembly ! ip nat inside source list 30 interface FastEthernet0.99 overload !

access-list 30 deny access-list 30 permit any

Any ideas?

Thank you.


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christian maier
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It means 'don't NAT this address'. NAT anything matched by a permit in access-list 30. However given that the address resides on the interface with 'ip nat outside' on it I really don't see the point??


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It works as it should. Any source IP addresses (but coming from a "NAT inside" interface are natted (using the IP address configured on fa0.99). Personally I think the first "deny" is superfluous but since I'm very tired right now I could be utterly wrong.

Regards, Gabriele

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