Multiple users connecting to 506e behind NAT

I have been searching for some information on a problem with my VPN.

When I have users at a hotel in behind the hotel's NATted internal network, I can only have one of those users able to connect to my 506e pix at anytime. When a new person connects, they grab the address of the previous user even if the ip ranges are different per group.

What I need to know is can the 506e handle multiple connections from behind the same NATted address? If yes, then what versions of Client and Pix do I need to allow it? Any direction to guiding articles or instruction manuals would be appreciated. Heck, I'd go buy a 506e for Dummies book if it existed.

Thanks in Advance.

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I believe that you need "isakmp nat-traversal". This feature came with PIX OS version 6.3. You can find more information from

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