Multicast and query router or Switch

Hi All,

The host send Membership_Add to the switch and the switch add the port used by the host on the multicast group. When the host need to leave the multicast group, the host send LEAVE packet. Well.

My question is about sending the query to maintain the list of member :

The router send the membership query periodicaly and hosts response by sending membership report (response) to tell that it always need to be member of the Multicast group and receive multicast trafic. Ok.

If i don't have a router and i juste have a switch, can you confirm please that the switch can send query to the hosts to maintain a list of host member of the multicast group ?

What will happen if i connect 2 routers on the switch ? Does the query will be send by the two routers ?

Thank You very much

Best Regards Rahan

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