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Hi, all

I need some help for the configuration of 3 sites PIX, we have A, B, C

3 sites and all of them have Internet Connection with PIX.

B - C connected by MPLS with EIGRP routing, A is connected to B with PIX tunnel, and A can access C thru B. How could I setup second tunnel from A to C, if Internet in B go down, then A can connect to B thru C?

Many thanks.


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hope this link would be of some help

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The problem that the OP has with this is that at present there must be soem sort of static routing (possibly redistrubuted into EIGRP) that routes

  1. Traffic from A-to-C via B
  2. Traffic from C-to-A via B.

So since it is not possible to run broadcast or multicast based dynamic routing protocols (all of them basically) across the IPSEC 'tunnels' it will not be possible to have automatic failover.

There is no problem at all ceating the second IPSEC 'tunnel' and A-to-C traffic would go the correct way in the event that the B internet was down but manual routing changes would I think be needed to get the B-to-A traffic to go the correct way. Also when BOTH 'tunnels' were up it may not (or may) be possible to determine which way the traffic will go at any particular time.

The classic soultion to this is to use say GRE tunnels (note no quotes, these are true tunnels) but Pix (at least up to 6.3) does not support GRE endpoints or as far as I know any equivalent.

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