Hello Ya'll. I'm haven trouble with the understanding of, hello packets and lsa packets. I think hello packets just discover your directly connected neighbors, nothing else? LSA packets tell other routers the topology of the area, not just directly connected? thanks.


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Briefly - OSPF works like this:-

Firstly routers establish a neighbour relationship. This uses Hello packets.

Then neighbours exchange details of all of the routers and networks that they know about starting with themselves and their connected networks. This information is contained within Link State Advertisments.

Eventually - well within a few seconds for a small or moderate number of routers - all of the routers in the Area have an identical topology Database and they then each independently compute their routing tables (using the Dijkstra algorithm).

I think that the best description of OSPF that I have seen is in Routing TCP/IP Volume 1 by Doyle. Check that you are buying the latest edition. I forget but I think I have 2nd edition but I might well be wrong.

I would not recommend messing about with anything else. This is not necessarily all that easy to understand and there are many quite confusing books about.

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