Load balancing on leased lines

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We have two locations connected through two routers via two DXX(digital cross connect) leased lines. The two lines connecting the same two locations. Does anybody knows how to use both circuits for data traveling simultanously. Becouse i've noticed that the both circuit are up but data goes from one serial instead off going to both serial.

We are using eigrp protocol on CISCO 2620XM routers

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Shahzad Karachi

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You can use the eigrp "variance" command for unequal cost load balancing.

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I can recommend following book:

Routing TCP/IP Vol 1 - 2nd Edition, Jeff Doyle, Jennifer Carroll, Cisco Press

There is Load Sharing and Load Balancing described.


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Georg Dingler

Hi there! You could run a Multilink-PPP sessions over both serial links. See here:

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